Integrate. Find. Curate. Create. Share.

With Needl, All your data is in one place efficiently,
You search and process seamlessly,
You share and collaborate effortlessly!

App Integrations

Needl integrates all your data from chats, emails, notes, storage, social media, blogs and your commonly used websites into a single personalized data stream
through quick, easy and secure onboarding.

A Single Feed

A single unified view of all your data across apps and
websites - emails, chats, storage drives, notes, social
media, blogs and your most visited and trusted
websites in a single feed.

Sort, Tag, Bookmark

With all your private and public data in a single feed -
sort and filter, tag, annotate and bookmark for easy
retrieval, reading and sharing.

Single Search

Single powerful search across all your private and
public data and within all documents, videos and
images. A smart integrated ML based search brings the
most relevant data, to your fingertips.

Auto Summary and Sentiment Analysis

Create an auto summary of lengthy reports, conference
call transcripts and those large documents that will
take you hours to go through at a click of a button. The
auto summary also gives you sentiment analysis. Our
AI engine helps you find the needle in the haystack!

Clip and Convert

Clip voluminous tabular data from PDF to excel and clip
lengthy words from an image or a PDF to a word
document in a jiffy!

Industry Smarts

Request custom crawls across your most trusted,
industry specific and most visited websites so when
you search, the most relevant data comes first. Your
most relevant data is no longer buried under advertiser
listing and you never miss what is important to you and
your business!

Custom Feeds

Amplify signals with custom feeds. Create feeds based
on data sources, contacts, keywords and tags. Cut
through the clutter and data noise to never miss what is
important to you and from who matters most to you!

Smart Storage

Auto backup of all your data, documents and media
across your app integrations) along with de-duplication
of the data so you maximize your storage! Get a single
view of all storage and activity summary through your
storage dashboard. You control your storage!

Auto Categorization

Say goodbye to directory structure and tedious manual
saving and storing of data. Needl auto tags and stores
all your data basis report type, author institution,
document type, source of data to relieve you from the
mundane and time consuming data management

Sync Across Devices

App, device and OS agnostic, Needl syncs across all
your devices so your data stays with you anytime,

Instant Share

Share any email, any message, any document or any
media instantly via email, messenger, or social media.

Security Vault

We are ad free and you control your data!
Integrate the entire app or choose selected data to be
integrated with Needl. We give you wide integration
choices which you control. De-link and delete apps

Privacy Vault

We are ad free and ISO 27001 certified. Your data
remains 100% encrypted, stays within the AWS Cognito
Service and only you can view your data.  We use
OAUTH 2.0 authentication to sync your applications.
This means we do not store any login credentials or
passwords for your integrated apps. Needl is your
data’s privacy vault!